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Excavator Flexible Coupling Centaflex A Natural Rubber Black Coupling 390F FEH

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Excavator Flexible Coupling Centaflex A Natural Rubber Black Coupling 390F FEH

Brand Name : YNF

Model Number : 390F FEH

Certification : CE

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1

Price : 30-80usd/piece

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 3000pieces/week

Delivery Time : 2-3days after payment

Packaging Details : Plastic bag, carton

Model No : 390F FEH

Description : Rubber Coupling

Structure : H/A/Bowex/Gear

Quality : High-Quality

Inner Packing : Shrink Film

Application : Hyd.Pump Shaft To Engine Flywheel

After-sales Service : Online Support

Payment Methods : Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit

Instructions : Manual Installation


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Excavator Flexible Coupling Centaflex A Natural Rubber Black Coupling 390F FEH

Description :

Part NameHydraulic Pump Coupling

Coupling Type

Coupling Inserts

Machine model

390F FEH

Coupling Torque


ColorAs Photos
CategoryConstruction machinery parts
PackingNeutral Package

Sales type

Retail, Wholesale


In Stock

Suitable Brand

Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Kato,Hyundai



Payment Methods

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit Card,Paypal


Engine Power Transmission

Our Services:One-stop purchas

Products Show:

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging DetailsPlastic bag, carton
Delivery DetailWithin 3 workingdays after payment

Applicable Model:

336D2 EFT 336D2 FAJ 336D2 GGH 336D2 HBZ 336D2 TLY 336D2 TMC 336D2 WDC 336D2 GC FBT 336D2 GC NBN 336D2 L ELR 336D2 L FAR 336D2 L GJA 336D2 L HBH 336D2 L HBK 336D2 L LAH 336D2 L LAM 336D2 L MBP 336D2 L WBC 336D2 L XBH 336D2 L YCF 336D2 L ZCT 336D2 LXE NAH 336D2 XE LBX 336D2 XE MFA 336D2L OEM BK5 336D2L OEM R75 336E CMR 336E KED 336E H HDW 336E L BMH 336E L BZY 336E L DPX 336E L FJH 336E L GTJ 336E L JRJ 336E L TEG 336E L YCE 336E L YEP 336E LH GNY 336E LH JEA 336E LH RZA 336E LN TMZ 336E LNH SSL 336F B39 336F KCS 336F NBL 336F TJE 336F WCF 336F YFD 336F L DSW 336F L LCL 336F L NBS 336F L RKB 336F L SSN 336F L TZA 336F L WTZ 336F L ZBJ 336F L XE DFY 336F L XE KGH 336F L XE LTP 336F L XE PFL 336F LN DKF 336F LN KFT 336FMHPU KTM 340 GMJ 340 SZT 340 TMK 340 TYH 340 WDN 340D L JTN 340D2 L HHK 340D2 L JEE 340F DWK 340F EAR 340F EYF 340F RBD 340F SGH 340F L LRE YBF 340F L UHD WBX 345 GC KEF 340F L UHD XBD 345B 2NW 345B 2ZW 345B 6MW 345B 6XS 345B 8KW 345B AMD 345B AMJ 345B AMN 345B AYR 345B BFG 345B CFM 345B II AGS 345B II AKJ 345B II AKX 345B II ALB 345B II ALD 345B II ALL 345B II CCC 345B II CDJ 345B II DCW 345B II DET 345B II FEE 345B II MH APB 345B L 2SW 345B L 3MW 345B L 4SS 345B L 5WS 345B L 7KS 345B L 8RW 345B L 9GS 345C BWY 345C DHP 345C ELS 345C GCL 345C JAR 345C MDC 345C MTE 345C PJW 345C RFN 345C TAJ 345C TBA 345C TDG 345C WDE 345C L FPC 345C L GPH 345C L L5B 345C L L5L 345C L LYS 345C L S5M 345C L SCN 345C L SPC 345C MH D3S 345C MH M2R 345D BYW 345D FES 345D L5R 345D NEG 345D L BYC 345D L DPA 345D L EEH 345D L HLC 345D L JKN 345D L KFH 345D L MLK 345D L PBT 345D L RAE 345D L RAJ 345D L RGD 345D L RGG 345D L YEE 345D L VG LKY 345D L VG NLM 349 LKG 349 RBY 349 RYG 349D GKF 349D MEN 349D L FLA 349D L JGB 349D L KHS 349D L KLH 349D L NNF 349D L PZG 349D L RBJ 349D L WTD 349D2 GAX 349D2 PFD 349D2 RAN 349D2 WEC 349D2 YAG 349D2 L CE4 349D2 L SDM 349D2 L TAH 349D2 L XAC 349D2 L YAE 349D2 L ZAE 349E FJB 349E RGH 349E L ETC 349E L MPZ 349E L MZW 349E L SPG 349E L TFG 349E L WHZ 349E L VG KCN 349E L VG DGE 349E L VG KFX 349E MH FKF 349F HLB 349F L BZ2 349F L HPD 349F L KEA 349F L TEW 349F LXE RAX 349F LXE SFG 350 L 9DK 350-A 2ZL 350-A 3ML 350-A 7RK 350-A 8HK

350-A L 8KZ 350-A L 9DK 350-A L 9FL 352 HDL 352 KZY 352 MGR 352F MDR 352F NDC 352F RBF 352F WNA 352F WYA 352F XAL 352F XE VG SD2 352F XE VG XAJ 352F-VG A9J 352F-VG YEG 365B 9PZ 365B 9TZ 365B BTH 365B CFJ 365B CTY 365B PEG 365B SDL 365B II DER 365B II JMB 365B L 4XZ 365B L 9TZ 365B L AGD 365C ELC 365C FEN 365C MCS 365C MEM 365C PAR 365C L MCY 365C L MH GWC 374 JGP 374 KHH 374D L PAP 374D L PAS 374D L PAX 374D L PJA 374F EBF 374F XWL 374F L AP4 374F L AT2 374F L DNM 374F L MFL 374F L NFJ 375-A 6NK 375-A 6RL 375-A 8WJ 375-A 8WJ 375-A L 1JM 375-A L 9WL 385B ANS 385B BKF 385B BKX 385B BLY 385B CLS 385B FDL 385B MYA 385B RCD 385C JCM 385C KBC 385C FS EAM 385C FS T2F 385C L EDA 385C L KGB 385C L SBE 385C L T2E 385C L MH WAW 390D BYP 390D KCZ 390D L WAG 390D L WAP 390D L WBT 390F FEH 390F HNG 390F YHT 390F L GAY 390F L HJD 390F L HSM 390F L MGF 390F L TYE 390F L OEM N64 390F L OEM P4J 395 LTK 395 MZA 538 GMY 538 HBS 538 KBJ 558 F5L 568 FM GF8 568 FM L68 568 FM YJX 568 FM LL BRB E110 3FG E110B 5GK E110B 8MF E120 1LF E120B 4XK E120B 6JF E120B 7NF E140 1NF E200B 4SG E200B 6KF E200B 6KG E240 1FG E240B 8SF E240C 2RL E300 2CF E300B 1WJ E450 3HG E650 3KG E70 3BG E70B 5TG E70B 6AK EL180 4EF EL200B 5EG EL200B 7DF EL240 4JF EL240B 5WG EL240C 9PK EL300 4NF EL300B 3FJ M312 6TL M315 7ML M315F F4D M317F F6P M318 6ES M318 8AL M318 8SS M318F FB8 M320 6WL M320 9PS M325D L MH KAY M325D L MH KGG M325D MH EDF

Products instruction:

Basic requirements for elastic coupling performance: 1. Large bearing capacity and sufficient strength. The maximum allowable torque of the coupling is required to be more than 3 times the rated torque. 2 It has a strong compensation (radial, angular, axial) effect, and the smaller the reaction force generated during the deviation compensation, the better. 3 It has high elasticity and high flexibility, which can reduce the amplitude of shock and vibration to the allowable range, and should have the function of slowing vibration and shock in the direction of rotation. 4. Reliable work and stable performance. Couplings requiring rubber elastic elements should also have good heat resistance, not easy to age, and have a long service life. 5. The coupling must have an insulation resistance of more than 100 ohms and can withstand a voltage of 2kV. 6Easy to install, maintain and replace.

Company information:


specialized in:

couplings, rubber mounts, gera parts, hydraulic seals and seal kits for hydraulic hammers, rock breakers, hydraulic excavators,wheel loaders, and JCB badkhoe loaders.

And, Our company also supply:

Engine parts, hydraulic piston pump and hydraulic travel motor, Swing motor assembly and hydraulic component parts, electric parts, etc. Hydraulic hammer breaker parts with piston, cylinder, chisel, through bolt, side bolt, top bush, front head bushing,accumlator, valve, etc.

We always try our best for all our customers and make it better and better. Welcome!

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Excavator Flexible Coupling


390F FEH Flexible Coupling

Quality Excavator Flexible Coupling Centaflex A Natural Rubber Black Coupling 390F FEH for sale

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